dirt + dye leaflets

Learn to Naturally Dye

Do I really need to scour and mordant? What is immersion dyeing? How do I bundle dye? How do I shift natural color with iron? What is an indigo vat?

With Dirt + Dye Leaflets, you'll find easy to follow illustrated guides to naturally dye your yarn, clothing, and more.

Where should I start?

Natural Dyeing in the Kitchen

Start here. Learn to make dye baths with kitchen scraps. This low-cost, low-resource method is a great place to start.

Naturally Dye Your Clothes

Here's where we get into the full process. Learn to scour, mordant and dye your clothing and yarn.

Shifting Natural Color with Iron

After digging into Natural Dyeing in the Kitchen or Naturally Dye Your Clothes , expand your natural color palette by using iron to shift the pre-dyed colors.