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With Dirt + Dye resources, you'll learn how to grow and support a garden full of vegetables, herbs, and natural dye plants. You'll see beginning and advanced lessons on growing seedlings, transplanting, what to grow and when, how many, natural dyeing tutorials and tips, and more.


How do I prevent leggy seedlings? What are the best dye plants for backyard or porch gardening? What are the best ways to dye with garden plants?

Learn to plant veggies and dye plants from seed, transplant, care for plants in containers or in garden beds, and dye with your flowers + herbs.



Do I really need to scour and mordant? What is immersion dyeing? How do I bundle dye? How do I shift natural color with iron? What is an indigo vat?

With Dirt + Dye Leaflets, you'll find easy to follow illustrated guides to learn to naturally dye your yarn, clothing, and more.

dirt + dye leaflets


Want to give natural dyeing a try, but overwhelmed or still learning to scour and mordant fibers? Interested in prepared natural dyeing kits and materials?

Purchase prepared silk, cotton, and yarn and natural dyeing kits here to get you started with your natural dye journey.


dirt + dye leaflets

Natural Dyeing in the Kitchen

A free download to get you started on your natural dye journey! Learn to dye with avocado pits, onion skins, or pomegranate rind kitchen scraps.

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Naturally Dye Your Clothes

A step-by-step guide to naturally dyeing at home. Learn to scour, mordant and dye silk, cotton, wool, and more with easy to follow instructions and illustrations.

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Dirt + dye leaflets

Shifting Natural Color with Iron

Some natural colors can only be achieved using iron as a modifier. ow to shift naturally dyed color using iron (ferrous sulfate). Iron opens up a whole new world of natural color!

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dirt + dye leaflets

Indigo Dyeing for Beginners

Learn how to create and dye with a fructose indigo vat. Each step is described in detail, including the science behind why the vat allows you to make this incredible blue pigment available to attach to fibers.

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