Dirt + Dye

The Simplest Compost
Spring and fall involve lots of garden and yard clean up, a perfect time to start a compost pile. Here, I'll share my favorite simple 'set it and forget it' compost method to get you started.
Garden in a Bag!
The easiest, fastest way to garden? Directly transplant into a potting soil bag. Low cost and minimal effort for small spaces.
Planning Your Garden and Companion Planting
What do I plant, where, and how many? Many plants actually grow better together! Growing supporting plants together is called companion planting.
How To Transplant Seedlings
You purchased your seedlings or started them from seed. Now what?
Leggy Seedlings and How To Save Them
What are leggy seedlings and how do I save them? If you start your baby greens or seedlings inside, some of you may be wondering, why do my seedlings look so tall and skinny? Is this ok? What do I do about it?
Planting from Seed
Many seed packs recommend starting indoors and transplant them into your garden 4-8 weeks later. While not absolutely necessary, there are a few reasons you will want to follow this recommendation when possible. Learn how and why to start seedlings indoors.
What do I plant and when? Sort Your Seeds
What do I plant? When do I plant it? These can feel like overwhelming questions, but for beginning gardeners can be answered in three simple steps. 1. Look at your plant hardiness zone and last frost date. 2. Plant what you want. 3. Plant when + how the seed packet recommends.
Where do I start? Making a Baby Greens Garden
Learn how to make an indoor mini planter of baby greens! Making a baby greens garden is a simple first gardening step, and something everyone can do year-round with a sunny window sill, a recycled plastic container, some dirt and some seeds.