Color Combinations
See custom MO Fibers color combinations for Chroma, Mooncrush, and Moonless + tips for creating your own unique color block story.
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Below you will find some of my favorite MO Fibers color combinations. Whether you are choosing 4 colors, 3 colors, or 2, there's something for every style.

Want to explore more? Check out Coolers, a web and app based color palette picker. I'll leave a list of all MO Fibers colorways and their HEX colors at the bottom of this page, you can pick and choose! Or use Coolors to find your own color palette from yarn in your stash or your favorite base.

Please note: these are approximations to the colorways. There may be differences between your screen and the yarn.

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CHROMA | 4 Colors | Targhee Worsted

Chroma Pastel

Haus Rose, Sage, Straw, Cloud.

For a soft contrast.

Chroma Autumn

Honey, Garnet, Olive, Sand

Perfect fall colors.

Chroma Purple

Eggplant, Lavender Silver, Cloud, Stone

Chroma Bold

Raw Ruby, Citrine, Brick, Sunstone

A saturated collection of bold colors.

Chroma Neutral

Bark, Almond, Cloud, Sand

Back to basics.

Chroma Gemstone

Pink Tourmaline, Rose Quartz, Blue Apatite, Sunstone

Bright and fun.

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MOONCRUSH | 3 Colors | Merino Fingering

Mooncrush Original

Sunstone, Evergreen, Haus Rose

Tried and true combination.

Mooncrush Netural

Sand, Almond, Bark

To match any outfit.

Mooncrush Gemstone

Rose Quartz, Pink Tourmaline, Sunstone

Hi Barbie!

Mooncrush Pink

Fog, Haus Rose, Earth

These pink hues are meant to be.

Mooncrush Bold

Brick, Cloud, Lavender Silver

Another tried and true combination.

Mooncrush Earthy

Earth, Honey, Olive

My favorite combination.

MOONLESS + CHROMA | 2 Colors | Merino Fingering

Moonless Original

Coral, Haus Rose

Tried and true combination.

Moonless Marigold Garden

Citrine, Sunstone

Bright and summery.

Moonless Hot Right Now

Brick, Pink Tourmaline

A trendy combo that has my heart.

Moonless Earthy

Fog, Olive

Mossy and soft.

Moonless Netural

Cloud, Almond

My favorite neutrals.

Moonless Sky

Sky, Cloud

Speaks for itself.

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colorways + HEX codes
Find the HEX codes for each MO Fibers colorway below. Mix and match your favorites using the Coolors website or app to find the perfect personal combination.
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MO Fibers Signature Colorways

Use these HEX color codes to mix and match your favorites MO Fibers original Signature colorways.

Gemstone Colorways

Gemstone Colorway HEX codes for bright, bold color blocking.

Blues, Purples, Neutrals

More HEX color codes for the cooler and neutral tones.

Cotton Colorways

Colorways only available on Cotton Sport and Cotton Light bases.