Silky DK and MO Worsted for your Ripple Bralette DK x Ripple Butt Shorts!
Mix and match to create your ideal Jessie Mae loungewear combo.
QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: Available April 10 - 20
Only use codes for SILKY DK + MO WORSTED. Check out separately to purchase other bases. Orders will be combined and reimbursed duplicate shipping costs. Invoices will be sent for the difference on other bases.
2 skeins of CLOUD (undyed) = 1 skein of naturally dyed. 
Thank you!
Ripple Bralette Sizes 19.5 - 31.5: ~ 1 skein
Ripple Bralette Sizes 34.5 - 49.5: ~ 2 skeins
Ripple Butt Shorts XS - L: ~ 2 skeins
Ripple Butt Shorts 1X - 2X: ~ 2 to 3 skeins
Ripple Butt Shorts 3X - 5X: ~ 3 skeins
For added length in the bralette or just to be safe for the butt shorts, add an extra skein of yarn.
3 skeins : Use code RIPPLE3 for 10% off
4 skeins : Use code RIPPLE4 for 20% off
5 skeins : Use code RIPPLE5 for 30% off
6+ skeins: Use code RIPPLE6 for 40% off


naturally dyed with leaves, roots, flowers and seeds in Nashville, TN

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