Dyed to Order Maria Black | Cotton Sport

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Dyed to Order. Ready for shipping in 2-4 weeks. Minimum order of 3 skeins required. Orders with fewer than 3 skeins will be cancelled.

Dyed with myrobalan + logwood. A naturally dyd black requiring 3 days, 3 dye baths, and 3 iron baths to achieve, this colorway is priced according to the increase in time and materials used.

Sport weight 100% organic US grown and spun cotton. 3/2 unmercerized.

2-ply. 285y/100g. 

Color nuances may vary based on your computer screen settings. Naturally hand-dyed yarn color will vary slightly between batches. You may notice minor shade or variegation differences between skeins and batches. Please be sure to purchase all yarn needed for a project from one batch, and alternate skeins to prevent color pooling.