sea glass | sock + lace mohair

sea glass | sock + lace mohair




Sea Glass, dyed with pomegranate and indigo. A light blue-green teal, slighly variegated.


This set of 4 skeins (2 merino fingering 438y/100 g+ 2 lace mohair 459y/50g) took 3 days to create: 1 mordant yarn prep day, 1 day to dye with pomegrante rinds, and 1 day to overdye with indigo. A unique colorway available only a few times a year.



    Naturally hand-dyed yarn color will vary slightly between batches. You may notice minor shade or variagation differences between skeins and batches. Please be sure to purchase all yarn needed for a project from one batch, and alternate skeins to prevent color pooling.


    Color nuances may vary based on your computer screen settings. 


    Indigo dyed yarn may rub small amounts of blue on your hands as you work with it. This is called crocking, and is a normal part of working with indigo dyed items. Minor crocking does not indicate poor dye quality. Indigo that rubs onto your hands or clothes while working will wash out with soap and warm water. After knitting/crocheting and rinsing, crocking should cease.


    Avoid using wood and bamboo needles, as they may stain.


naturally dyed with leaves, roots, flowers and seeds in Nashville, TN

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