Baby Blanket

Baby Blanket


Naturally dyed organic cotton blanket. 34x34 inches.

  • Wash, Care, and Wear

    Machine wash your naturally dyed items using cool water. Tumble dry with low heat. You can wash naturally dyed items with your other clothing or wash separately.

    To extend the life of the fibers and colors, hand wash with a pH neutral soap in cool water. Hang to air dry. Hand washing is recommended for indigo dyed items.

    Do not dry or store your clothing in direct sunlight. Contact with iron rust or acids like lemon juice may shift natural colors.

  • Color Variation

    Each piece of naturally hand dyed clothing is unique. Small variations in color shade and depth on your item is natural.

    Photos are taken in natural light and are true to color, however certain screens or device settings may shift the colors slightly. 


naturally dyed with leaves, roots, flowers and seeds in Nashville, TN

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