naturally dyed with leaves, roots, flowers and seeds in Nashville, TN

© 2020 by modus operandi fibers llc


$29 / mo

3 month minimum

A monthly subscription of classic MO Fibers yarn, at a discounted cost! This subscription is great if you want to give naturally dyed yarn a try, but aren't sure where to start.

Each month, you will receive 1 skein of MO Fibers yarn, hand selected from the signature MO Colors and the Limited + Seasonal Collections.


You will also be given membership to the MO Yarn Club, a community to share our naturally dyed yarn projects, with access to exclusive natural dye tips and behind the scenes videos. 


A minimum sign up of 3 months is requested. Each month, you'll get a different yarn base to try. And, you'll get free shipping every month!

Purchase a 1 year subscription for $299, over $450 value! (12 skeins + shipping)